Registry for Cyto­techno­logists

The Goal of the examination is to determine if the candidate

Has knowledge related to the criteria of malignancy for most body sites. Such as Female Genital Tract, Body Fluids, Respiratory Tract, Genitourinary, FNA.

Has the ability to determine, with some degree of accuracy, the expected diagnostic entity.

Please note: The IAC examination is NOT a test of „screening ability“.

Has the ability to separate malignant from nonmalignant cells.

Has the ability to select those cases that should be seen by a cytopathologist from those cases that can be signed out as negative.

Have a go at the mock exam.  Register at the link below with your email. You will receive a mail that needs confirmation and then you can login and try the three sections of the exam.

Prerequisites for the examination

Three (3) years of full-time experience in gynecological and non-gynecological cytotechnology is required immediately before the exam.

Two letters of recommendation:
1. From the current pathologist employer or supervisor
2. From a previous teacher in cytotechnology, or a leading pathologist in your community, or a member of the International Academy of Cytology

The individual must be employed as a cytotechnologist at the time they sit for the examination.

Cytotechnologists working and living in a country with a national registry for cytotechnologists (such as Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States) must have passed their national examination prior to applying for the IAC Comprehensive Cytotechnology examination.


  • Please note: Each country has its own eligibility requirements for those wishing to work as a cytotechnologist. Before moving to another country it is advisable to check the eligibility requirements. For individuals immigrating or seeking permanent residence in the United States of America or Canada the CT(IAC) examination does not circumvent state or federal work regulations or national certification.
  • The examination fee is 90 Euro. Payment can be made on-line by credit card or paypal. If an application is not approved payment can be refunded.
    Link to secure payment portal

CT Exam Application

  • Complete form with your postal address for IAC correspondence
  • Attach supporting documents and a small photograph (3,5×3,5cm)
  • Submit application to the central office for approval
  • Please try out your laptop or tablet (no mobile phones for the exam) at the On-line mock exam

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