Have a go at the new digital format.

The IAC examinations are well known world-wide. The Comprehensive Cytotechnology Registry Examination for the CT(IAC) title and the IAC International Board of Cytopathology examination. Both exams are voluntary and are a test of personal experience and practice and both different.
The format has not really changed since the 1980s. The exams have always had multiple choice questions and three sections. Microscope, visual image and written.

However, for some time now there has been a great deal of work in the background to update and modernize these two exams and now a new age of a digital IAC examination is dawning. The exams will still be held at organised examination sites but the participants will now be asked to bring their own tablet or notebook as each exam will now be on-line. There will be no need for microscopes; the digital images will all be marked and can be viewed, enlarged and zoomed into. If you have not tried already you will soon get used to it.

Have a go at the mock exam. Have a look at the way the questions are formed.
See examples of body sites in this mock that may well be part of the actual examinations. You may have wondered about the written questions, well here is your chance to see the direction of the questions.
These questions are not timed so you can have a good think about your answers. This mock is suitable for anyone thinking to try the CT(IAC) or the cytopathology examination, although the digital exams will still be two different exams for cytotechnologists and cytopathologists.

The link below will lead to a registration page. You will need to register with your email and create a password, you will then be sent an email to activate your registration.
Once registered you reach the portal. Click on the image to lead you to a page with brief instructions. Once again click on the square image. Currently available in English, Spanish and German
Link to IAC Mock Exam