Application for the CT(IAC) examination

Note: You will require a laptop for the examination. (Not tablet or mobile phone)

For this form you will require:

  • Information about your training in cytology and your employment. You must have a least three years of experience in gynecological and non-gynecological cytology.
  • Information about the approximate number of slides you have screened in your career.
  • To be uploaded:
    • Two letters of recommendation indicating your training and current employment. (PDF, JPG, PNG)
    • A passport sized photograph (250 x 300 pixel). Please do not scan your passport or identification card.
    • A copy of your national registration if applicable to work in your country
      (for example Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, United States of America)
    • If your country does not have a registry examination please upload documents indicating your education in cytology.
  • The examination fee is Euro 90 and can be paid on-line using a credit card, Applepay or Paypal. If your application is not approved the payment can be refunded.
  • The form does not have to be completed at once. You may save the information and receive a link by email to continue later. Entered information will only be saved for 30 days.