CT(IAC) and CT(IAC-GYN) Renewal

The Renewal Procedure

Once a cytotechnologist has earned the CT(IAC) or CT(IAC-GYN) certificate, they have the responsibility to maintain their status by continuing education in cytology. Currently renewal papers are required for the 2024-2027 sticker. Please submit before the end of May 2024.  Renewal is now online.
The form for a 2025-2028 sticker will be available from October 2024.

  • For each 4-year period 180 credit points of continuing education after the examination are required for renewing the certificate.  The month of your examination is not the date for renewal. (See Renewal Timeline below)
  • Renewal Fee is Euro 12 and payable online using your credit card or Paypal. Link to secure payment form.
  • If you have missed one renewal period and are still working as a cytotechnologist you may renew by completing the renewal form(s).
  • If you have left the field of cytotechnology and wish to renew your status as a CT(IAC) or CMIAC you will be required to resit the Comprehensive Cytotechnology Examination.
  • If you wish to resit the examination and lack the mandatory three years of continuous employment as a cytotechnologist prior to sitting the examination. Each application will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Renewal Categories


Employment in cytology/cytology related profession

Required Information
A description of your field of work.

Credit (The Maximum number of credits is 100.)
Full-time employment in cytology: Twenty-five (25) continuing education credits for each year of full-time employment.
Part-time employment in cytology:  Between 50 – 75 continuing education credits for four years


Continuing Educational activities in the field of cytology/cytology related fields

Required Information
Dates, Title/Name of your personal educational activity, e.g. course, tutorial or congress you visited.
If the provided space is not sufficient please add the extra sheet with a list of your educational activities.

Credit (Maximum number of credits 140)
Each one hour of educational activity equals one hour of credit.


Cytology related teaching

Required Information
Description of original teaching activities that you have prepared yourself, e.g. training course, tutorial, paper presentation, speaking at a congress.

Credit (Maximum number of credits 60)
Each one hour of preparatory time for new material is equivalent to one hour of credit


Papers and Publications

Required Information
Title of your paper(s)
Name of publisher and/or journal, book or other form of publication

Credit (Maximum credits 80)
Each one hour of preparatory time for new material is equivalent to one hour of credit.


Cytology related research

Required Information
Description of research
Name of supervisor (if applicable)

Credit (Maximum credits 40)
Credit for research will be evaluated separately by the registrar’s office.

How to Renew

The renewal is now on-line. Please complete accordingly and include:

  • You must renew your status for each renewal period.
  • When you are due for renewal, the IAC Central Office will send a reminder at the end of the relevant year.
  • You will need a list of your attended personal further educational activities. This can be uploaded as a Word document, excel file or PDF.
  • Please enter your correct postal address with any necessary department name and postal code. This is the address your sticker will be sent to.
  • Once the form is submitted you will be directed to a payment page. For CT(IAC) and CT(IAC-GYN) the renewal fee is Euro 12.
    CMIAC do not have to pay the fee
    Payment of renewal fee Euro 12 can be paid at this link



Renewal Timeline

Current Sticker

Sticker required

Date for renewal

Required information period

2019 – 2022

2023 – 2026

October – December 2022

2019 – 2022

2020 – 2023

2024 – 2027

October – December 2023

2020 – 2023

2021 – 2024

2025 – 2028

October – December 2024

2021 – 2024

2022 – 2025

2026 – 2029

October – December 2025

2022 – 2025

2023 – 2025

2027 – 2030

October – December 2025

2023 – 2026

Do We Have Your Address Correctly on File?

  • The IAC has seven lines available for addresses.
  • The first line is always your name and the last line is always the country even if your address only has four lines.
  • Each line can not have more than 40 letters/spaces and reads from left to right.
  • IMPORTANT: An address should never be written in one long line.
  • If you can not fit your address in the space provided on the form please include your address on a separate sheet of paper.

Please notify the IAC Central Office of any change of name or address: centraloffice@cytology-iac.org

To ensure that you receive your sticker it is important that we have your correct postal address. This can be a private residential address or your work address. If your address does not fit the IAC form please write it clearly on a separate piece of paper.