Professional Non-Medical-Membership

Mandatory Requirements

Scientists who hold at least a Master’s Degree other than medical may be accepted as Professional Non-Medical Members (PMIAC) if they maintain a special interest and expertise in cytology.

There is an admission fee of 140 €. The annual dues are currently 190 €   and include a printed and on-line subscription to the journal ACTA CYTOLOGICA that is issued six times a year.
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The International Board of Cytopathology examination is not available for PMIAC.

How to Apply

You can download the PDF-Application Form here. Please complete accordingly and include:


  • Copies of specialty diplomas
  • Your CV indicating your experience in cytology
  • Information on your masters degree, specialist training and publication list of the last 4 years
  • Passport sized photograph (90 x 120 pixels)
  • Sponsorship signatures of two Members or Fellows of the academy
  • Your signature on page 2
  • Completed application forms can be sent as PDF-Files to (It is recommended to use E-Mail, German import customs can sometimes delay delivery).

download application form

You can alternatively send us the application via airmail at the following address:

The International Academy of Cytology
Office of the Secretary
Massimo Bongiovanni, MD, FIAC
Wilhelmstraße 24a – Hinterhaus
79098 Freiburg im Breisgau

What Happens After Your Application

All applications are submitted to the Membership Committee for approval.

Completion of the membership process can take up to two months.

After approval and endorsement by the Board of Directors new members are notified firstly by email then a letter is sent together with a membership diploma.