IAC_Precongress Tutorial 2024

IAC Pre-Congress One Day Tutorial

Within the framework of the 2024 European Congress of Cytology, Messehalle am Zoo Leipzig, Leipzig, Germay
Saturday 22nd June 2024

A full day of lectures and unknown cases presented by expert internation faculty.

This is a in presence meeting and the lectures will not be available to view on-line at a later date.

Nominations for the Cytotechnologist of the Year Awards

If you are an IAC member you may submit the name of a cytotechnologist for the 2025 Cytotechnologist of the Year awards 2023, 2024 and 2025.

Your nominee should be an IAC member (CMIAC or CFIAC).

2024 Membership Fee

Invoices for the 2024 annual membership fee were sent by email and post in November 2024.

Payment for 2024 is requested before the end of 2023.

Has your name dropped from the membership list because of late payment ?
No problem. Once payment has been received and noted your membership can be reactivated again.

22nd International Congress of Cytology, Florence, Italy

Who can resist the beautiful city of Florence?

Dates: May 11. – 15. 2025


Access for IAC members to Campus courses offered by Karger publishing

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Happy to annnounce that the IAC is now Linked In.

IAC webinar 8 March 2024

8./9. March 2024 Webinar: Fine Needle Biopsy. Role and potential in the diagnosis or pediatric tumours.

Helena Barroca, MD
Department of Pathology, Centro Hospitalar Universitário de S.
João, Porto, Portugal

Fine needle biopsy (FNB) plays a crucial role in the diagnosis of pediatric tumors due to its minimally invasive nature and high diagnostic accuracy. FNB involves using a thin needle to extract tissue samples from suspicious lesions for pathological examination. In pediatric oncology, FNB offers several advantages including the ability to obtain samples from difficult-to-access areas and to guide treatment decisions with minimal risk to the child. Additionally, FNB can provide rapid results, aiding in timely diagnosis and treatment planning. Despite its benefits, careful consideration of patient age, lesion characteristics, and expertise in interpretation is essential to ensure optimal outcomes when employing FNB in the diagnosis of pediatric tumors