Cytotechnologist Fellowship Elevation

Benefits of Cytotechnologist Fellowship

CFIACs automatically receive a renewal sticker for each 4-year period from the Office of the Registrar

CFIACs have the right to vote in business meetings of the IAC

Cytotechnologist Members (CMIAC) may be elevated to Cytotechnologist Fellowship (CFIAC) after at least three years of Cytotechnologist Membership if they fulfill at least three (3) of the following five (5) qualifications for Cytotechnologist Fellowship.

Do you fulfill at least three of the Mandatory Requirements?

The Candidate must have been engaged in the practice of cytotechnology on a full-time basis for at least ten (10) years prior to elevation to Cytotechnologist Fellowship

Candidate must have been engaged in the teaching of cytotechnology for at least seven (7) years

The Candidate must be author or coauthor of at least three (3) publications on cytology. Papers accepted for publication may be considered published

The Candidate must be associated with a medical school, a teaching hospital or a comparable research institution at the time of nomination and admission to Cytotechnologist Fellowship

Candidate must be either Chief Cytotechnologist or Educational Supervisor or have performed meritorious service on committees or subcommittees of the Academy.

There is an application fee of 50 EUR and the annual dues are 140 EUR. (Link to payment page)

How to Apply

The application form can be completed and submitted on-line. After you have submitted the form you will receive an email with a PDF copy of the form.

You will require:

  • Your IAC membership number (6 digits) and your CT(IAC) number
  • The year you were admitted as cytotechnologist member (CMIAC)
  • A little information about your current employment in the field of cytology
  • Name, address and contact details of your medical supervisor or laboratory director.
  • If appropriate a list of your publications to upload

Link to application form

If you do not hear from us within a few days please contact the office below


The International Academy of Cytology
Office of the Secretary
Massimo Bongiovanni, FIAC
Wilhelmstraße 24a – Hinterhaus
79098 Freiburg