January 2018
Author: Angela Chong, MD, Norman Chan, MD, Issam bin Jajez, MD,
Dept Anatomic pathology, Singapore General Hospital.

Reviewer: ??

The patient is an adult female, with diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia who presented with gross hematuria. Urine examination did not show any abnormality. Radiological examination including CT intravenous pyelogram did not show any abnormality of the kidney, ureters or bladder but showed presence of enlarged retroperitoneal lymph nodes. A CT guided FNA and biopsy were performed.

Fig1A 2018 January Fig1B 2018 January
Fig 1A. DQ Fig. 1B DQ
Fig1c 2018 January  Fig1D 2018 January
Fig. 1C DQ Fig. 1D DQ
Fig2A 2018 January  Fig2B 2018 January
Fig. 2A PAP Fig. 2B PAP
Fig2C 2018 January Fig2D 2018 January
Fig. 2C PAP Fig. 2D PAP

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