July 2014

Author: Zahra Maleki, MD, FCAP, MIAC, Department of Pathology, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Reviewer: Christopher van den Bussche, MD, MIAC, Dept. of Pathology, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD, USA

Clinical History
A 53 year old woman with a history of lymphocytic thyroiditis was found to have a palpable mass on neck examination. Ultrasound imaging showed a 3.1 cm right thyroid lobe nodule that was heterogeneous with microcalcifications, irregular margins, and positive intranodular flow. Fine needle aspiration biopsy was performed.

Fig 1 2014 July
Fig. 1
Fig 2 2014 July
Fig. 2
Fig 3 2014 July
Fig. 3
Fig 4 2014 July
Fig. 4
Fig 5 2014 July
Fig. 5

 Based on the cytomorphology of the thyroid nodule FNA what is the most likely diagnosis?