Aims of the Committee

The aim is to propose to the IAC Board of Directors anticipated budget items of the IAC for ratification by the Council and to approve proposed project spending.

  • Chair: Esperanza Teuzaba Torres
  • Members: Claire Bourgain, Yukitoshi Sato
  • Members ex-officio: Massimo Bongiovanni and Fernando Schmitt


Dr. Esperanza Teuzaba Torres, MIAC


Dr. Esperanza Teuzaba Torres is the scientific director of Patolab laboratory, Cl?nica de la Mujer, Bogota, where practices and training for cytology students take place. Also currently working in the Cervical Cancer Agreement Group, developing guidelines, outlines, and efforts to reduce the incidence and mortality of cervical cancer in Colombia. She also collaborates, as a member of SLAC, with the development and improvement of Cytology in Latin America, with continuing education.


Yukitoshi Satoh, MD, FIAC

Yukitoshi Satoh, MD, PhD, FIAC

Dr. Yukitoshi Satoh, MD, PhD, FIAC is the Professor and Chairman of Thoracic Surgery at the Kitasato University School of Medicine and the Director of the Kitasato University Medical Center Hospital, Japan. Currently, he serves as the President of the Japanese Society of Clinical Cytology (JSCC), the largest national society of cytology worldwide with over 12,000 members. Previously, in 2020, he served as the Congress President of the JSCC.

Dr Claire Bourgain, MIAC

Dr. Bourgain is Head of the Department of Pathology at Imelda Hospital, Bonheiden, Leuven, Belgium.