Digital IAC Exams in Hong Kong 2023

Tuesday, December 5th 2023

Thanks to our well-organised hosts at the Prince of Wales Hospital, we were once again able to hold the CT(IAC) and IAC International Board of Cytopathology examinations. Each registrant was asked to bring his or her own device and test uploading digital images in advance. The 32 registrants were well-prepared and all went smoothly. Thanks as well to the IAC Registrar Donna Russell who explained the procedure beforehand and was available to answer any questions.

Should you be interested in hosting IAC exams yourselves, we provide the examinations at the request of national societies. We hope that the team in Hong Kong will provide facilities for a further exam day in two years. Well done, Hong Kong!

The IAC Registrar, Donna Russell, M.ed, CFIAC introducing and explaining the examination format. This is also the time for registrants to ask any question they may have. IAC exam Hong Kong 2023


Those of you who wonder what these exams look like have a go at our mock exams.
Try out the IAC digital mock exam here