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Payment of IAC annual dues 2020

Annual dues invoices are sent at the end of each year to the members from the office in Freiburg, Germany. The invoice includes your  six digit IAC identification number that should be included on all payment forms. 

Your annual dues include your on-line and print subscription to ACTA CYTOLOGICA (Jan.-Dec.).

Please inform the central office in Germany if your e-mail or postal address has changed. The central office passes all address changes to the publisher of Acta Cytologica in order to ensure that you receive all printed copies of the journal.

For the first time since the founding of the International Academy of Cytology we are asking our members to pay in Euro and not to pay in US Dollars. Since the registration of the Academy in Belgium as a non-profit organization all accounts are submitted to the Belgian tax authorities in Euro. At the 2019 Annual General Meeting a vote was accepted to continue the IAC fees in Euro only. The current USD bank accounts that are held in Europe will be closed.

What will it mean for you?
The annual membership fee has not increased since 2008.
The fee for members paying in Euro remains the same.
Members who in the past have paid in USD may find a slight increase to previous years due to currency exchange rates. As with all credit card or Paypal payments regardless of the currency you pay in, the debit on your account will be in your own account currency.

Annual Dues Fees
Medical Member or Fellow MIAC or FIAC       Euro 180
Cytotechnologist Member CMIAC Euro 70
Cytotechnologist Fellow CFIAC Euro 130
Professional Non-Medical Member       PMIAC Euro 180
Junior Medical Member Euro 90

If you are using the payment option below for a fee other than the 2020 membership fee please choose the option "other" and enter the reason for payment together with your name.

Payment in EUR with credit card, Apple Pay or Paypal

Reason for payment:
Membership / Invoice Number:
Payment through

Payment in Euro through bank transfer: Please do not send a personal draft/cheque. Please cover all charges.

International Academy of Cytology
Deutsche Bank, Rotteck Ring, 79098 Freiburg, Germany
IBAN: DE86 6807 0024 0215 1470 00
Account Nr. 2151470 00
Reference: IAC (five-digit number), family name, given name.

Please inform this office of any change of address.

The International Academy of Cytology
Office of the Secretary-Treasurer
Fernando Schmitt, MD, PhD, FIAC
Burgunder Str. 1
79104 Freiburg

Tel: +49 761 292 3801
Fax: *49 761 292 3802


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