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The 2022 James W. Reagan Award

Dr. James W. Reagan, MD, FIAC (hon) (1918 - 1987) james_w_reaganwas chairman of Pathology at Case Western Reserve Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio and a great researcher in the area of cervical pathology. He introduced the term dysplasia in the 1950´s. He was an exceptional teacher in cytology and histopathology and trained such well known cytopathologists as Drs. Patten, Ng, Yao-Shi Fu and Bonfiglio. He was recipient of the Goldblatt Award 1965. He was instrumental in developing the International Board of Cytopathology in 1973. The Award is given every third year and consists of a honorarium.

The 2022 James W. Reagan Clinical Cytology Award

Dr. Colleen A. Wright, FIAC(em)

For over 30 years Dr. Wright has been actively intersested in Perinatal Pathology and Cytopathology. Particularly FNAB as a diagnostic modality in resource limited countries. This led to research into the diagnosis of paediatric tuberculosis using FNAB, the topic of her doctoral dissertation as well as the promotion of FNAB in both neoplastic and infectious diseases in countries with limited financial and medical personnel resources.

She has trained numerous medical and nursing staff in FNA technique. Colleen initiated the first distance mediated master`s degree in Cytopathology through Stellenbosch University, enabling specialist training in cytopathology accessible
to students throughout Africa.

The Award will be presented at the 21st International Congress of Cytology, November 2022 in Baltimore, USA

Colleen-Wright 2022

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