IAC International Cytotechnologist of the year 2020-2022

Announcement of the Cytotechnologist Award winners from 2020-2022

The International Cytotechnologist of the Year Award iaccytotech_medal3is given yearly to a Cytotechnologist of exceptional merit honouring a life long dedication to teaching, research and service in cytology. Recipients receive a gold medal and an honorarium.
The Award has been given since 1975 to 35 recipients from 14 countries.List of former recipients

The 2020, 2021 and 2022 Awards will be presented at the 21st International Congress of Cytology, Baltimore, MD, U.S.A.

IAC Cytotechnologist of the Year 2020
Masami Nambu, PhD, CT(IAC)

for his Leadership in Promoting International Education and Laboratory Practice Opportunities for Cytotechnologists and for Expanding the Morpho-Molecular Understanding of Cancer.

IAC Cytotechnologist of the Year 2021
Jen-Sheng Ko, BS, CFIAC

for his Contributions to the Improvement of Techniques for Cancer Detection and for his support of Multi-National Professional Collaborations.

IAC Cytotechnologist of the Year 2022
Donna K. Russell, M.Ed, CFIAC

for her Exemplary Record of Teaching, Mentoring and Leading Students and Practitioners in the Evolving Science of Cytology at Local, National and International Levels.

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