Applying for the examination

The examination form can be downloaded here

Notice: If you are applying at short notice then please send your application as e-mail attachment and do not rely on courier or postal services as the customs authorities in Germany sometimes hold mail for several days.

The examination may be taken in Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The examination encompasses all fields of diagnostic cytology (not only gynecologic cytology, but also respiratory, peritoneal, urinary and FNA cytology), lasts around four hours and is given in three parts:

  1. Microscopic slide examination testing two levels of decision-making ability. (All glass-slides are Papanicolaou stained).
  2. Multiple-choice test on projected visual images.
  3. Multiple-choice test on general knowledge in cytophysiology and cytopathology.


  • Three (3) years of full-time experience in cytotechnology is required immediately prior to taking the examination.
  • The  individual must be employed as a cytotechnologist at the time  he or she sits for the examination.
  • Two letters of recommendation, one from the current pathologist employer and the other from a previous teacher in cytotechnology, or a leading pathologist in your community or a member of the International Academy of Cytology.
  • Cytotechnologists working and living in a country in which a national registry for cytotechnologists exists (such as Australia, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States of America) must have passed the national examination prior to applying for the IAC Comprehensive Cytotechnology examination for cytotechnologists. For German candidates a copy of the "Zertifikat" from "Die Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Zytologie" is required.

    Please note: Each country has its own eligibility requirements for those who wish to work as a cytotechnologist. The CT(IAC) examination is not automatically recognized by national regulating bodies and does not replace national requirements.

    Examination Fee

    Currently the examination fee is ninty (90) Euro, which may be payed by credit card on-line. Payment in USD can no longer accepted.  See last page of application form. Link to on-line payment

    The fee is subject to change without prior notice. If the application is not approved, the fee will be refunded. No refund will be made, however, if the candidate is approved, but does not appear at the examination site.
    Examination Schedule

    Rescheduling Examination

    A fee will be charged for rescheduling your examination date. The Central Office must be notified if you are unable to attend.

    The completed application form and all necessary documentation should be sent to:

    Fernando Schmitt, MD, PhD, FIAC
    International Academy of Cytology
    Wilhlemstr. 24a, Hinterhaus
    79098 Freiburg

    E-Mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Maintaining the CT(IAC) title

    In order to maintain the CT(IAC) status 180 continuing education credits are required for every four-year period from the year of the examination. Participation in the continuing education program is mandatory. Renewal form and further information is available at the IAC website. (

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