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Invitation to the 2022 Annual General Meeting

Invitation to all IAC members to attend the 2022 virtual Annual General Meeting (Zoom)
Thursday, 1. September 2 PM Central European Summer Time

All members will receive an email and  written invitation with the necessary link and password to enter the meeting.


  1. Welcome. Consideration of minutes of last meeting (available in the members area at the IAC website)
  2. Report of the President
  3. Report of Secretary-Treasurer
    1. Proposal of the Nomination Committee for Slate of Directors for 2022-2025 (to be accepted by vote)
    2. Presentation of accounts (to be accepted by vote)
    3. Proposed budget for 2023 (to be accepted by vote)
    4. Proposed annual dues for 2023 (to be accepted by vote)
  4. Summary of Strategic Meeting
  5. Report of Cytotechnology committee
  6. Report of Continuing Education Committee
  7. Report of the Editor
  8. Report of the Membership Committee
  9. Actions to be approved and discharged:
    1. Treasurer
    2. Daily Manager
    3. Board of Directors
  10. Report of ICC 2022 Baltimore
  11. Miscellaneous Business

Any member may put forward a point for discussion in good time before the meeting. Please send an email to the Freiburg office if you wish to propose an item for Miscellaneous Business.

Looking forward to seeing you on-line.
Fernando Schmitt, MD, FIAC
Secretary-Treasurer, IAC

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