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IAC Webinars 2022

Previous Webinars can be viewed at the IAC YouTube channel.

The next webinar is planned for Wednesday, February 2nd 2022. Central European Time (Amsterdam) 8AM and repeating at 5PM
The webinar will be shown over Zoom.

Wednesday. February 2nd 2022. 08:00AM Central European Time

Link to Zoom:

Meeting ID: 865 3871 0003
Passcode: 548936

Repeat Wednesday February 2nd 2022. 05:PM Central European Time

Link to Zoom:

Meeting ID: 883 9049 9068
Passcode: 294776

Dr. Christina Zioga, MIAC, Department of Cytopathology, "G. Papanicolaou" General Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Diagnostic Medicine ABCDE algorithm: how it can help guide your cytology diagnosis.

Diagnostic Medcine ABCDE is a pathway to the procedure of interpreting pathology slides or radiology images.This simplified mnemonic can be used as a memory aid determining the order in which diagnosis should be approached.

C Zioga 2022 

We will focus on how the use of the Diagnostic Medicine ABCDE algorithm can help guide the cytology diagnosis.

The Diagnostic Medicine ABCDE algorithm has the following characteristics:

  • It is a new structured way to orientate pathology slide or radiology image assessment
  • It describes a generic systematic procedure in pathology and radiology diagnosis, not limited to specific specimens or imaging modalities
  • It is a useful practical and educational tool for all medical professionals i.e. students, residents, specialists, professors, and researchers
  • It is an approach towards integrating Pathology and Radiology.

Implication for Patient Care: The Diagnostic Medicine ABCDE algorithm can potentially lead to faster diagnosis with fewer mistakes.


Christina Zioga is a medical doctor currently working as a consultant Cytopathologist at the "G. Papanikolaou" General Hospital of Thessaloniki, Greece.

She is fascinated by new developments in Science Communication, she is a certified lifeguard and a passionate first aid instructor. It was those first aid training sessions that led to the conception of the idea of the Diagnostic Medicine ABCDE algorithm. Her extensive experience as a Pathology Laboratory Technician (Bachelors┬┤ Degree in MLS from the International Hellenic University - summa cum laude) led her to choose a Cytopathology residency after the completion of her studies in Medicine at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

During her residency, she served on the IT team of the Hellenic Society of Clinical Cytology where she conceived and launched the teleconference series for the HSCC, a distance learning endeavour that delivers continuous medical education in Cytology throughout Greece. She has also acquired a Master of Science Degree in Medical Informatics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In November 2018, she received a travel award from the Digital Pathology Association. She has also appeared in consecutive Power Lists as compiled by the medical journal "The Pathologist" for the years 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Christina volunteers with the Hellenic Union of Search and Rescue and has been an active member of several non-profit organisations. She is proud of being a member of the International Academy of Cytology and she loves disseminating IAC's news/events/knowledge through its Twitter account. Her goals include raising her children and strengthening Pathology as a leader in contemporary medicine.

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