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International Academy of Cytology Annual General Meeting 2021

IAC Virtual Annual General Meeting 2021

The meeting will be held on Wednesday 1. September 2021 and if necessary, Friday, 17. September 2021 at 2:30PM European Summer Time. Please see the table below for the time in your country.

Owing to technical reasons non-profit associations under Belgian law the IAC may have to hold two virtual meetings in 2021. The first meeting is planned for Wednesday 1. September 2021. Since we need to complete a minor change in the statutes if, in this first meeting there were not 2/3 of the members present a second meeting will then be repeated on Friday, 17. September 2021. The time of the meetings is 14:30 Central European Summer Time.

The link to the virtual meetings will be available for IAC members in the Members Area at the IAC website. For assistance to log-in please contact the central office well in advance of the meeting.


  1. Welcome. Consideration of minutes of last meeting
  2. Report of Secretary-Treasurer
  3. Adaption of association statues to the amended law
  4. Presentation of accounts
  5. Proposed budget for 2022
  6. Proposed annual dues for 2022
  7. Report of Cytotechnology committee
  8. Report of Continuing Education Committee
  9. Report of the Editor
  10. Report of the Membership Committee
  11. Discharge of Executive Council actions
  12. Report of IAC-WHO IARC project
  13. Report of ECC 2022 Baltimore
  14. Establishment of IAC Foundation
  15. Miscellaneous Business

*Change of association statutes

Any member may put forward a point for discussion in good time before the meeting. Please send an email to the Freiburg office if you wish to propose an item for Miscellaneous Business.

The first meeting is planned for Wednesday, 1. September please find the time for your country in the table below

Andorra Andorra La Vella Wed 14:30 h
Argentina Buenos Aires Wed 09:30 h
Australia Canberra Thu 22:30 h
Austria Vienna Wed 14:30 h
Azerbaijan Baku Wed 16:30 h
Bahamas Nassau Wed 08:30 h
Bahrain Manama Wed 15:30 h
Bangladesh Dhaka Wed 18:30 h
Barbados Bridgetown Wed 08:30 h
Belgium Brussels Wed 14:30 h
Bolivia Sucre Wed 08:30 h
Bosnia-Herzegovina Sarajevo Wed 14:30 h
Brazil Distrito Federal Wed 09:30 h
Canada Ontario Wed 08:30 h
Chile Santiago Wed 08:30 h
China Beijing Wed 20:30 h
Colombia Bogota Wed 07:30 h
Croatia Zagreb Wed 14:30 h
Czechia Prague Wed 14:30 h
Denmark Copenhagen Wed 14:30 h
Ecuador Quito Wed 07:30 h
Egypt Cairo Wed 14:30 h
Finland Helsinki Wed 15:30 h
France Paris Wed 14:30 h
Germany Berlin Wed 14:30 h
Greece Athens Wed 15:30 h
Hong Kong Hong Kong Wed 20:30 h
Hungary Budapest Wed 14:30 h
India New Delhi Wed 18:00 h
Indonesia Jakarta Wed 19:30 h
Iran Tehran Wed 17:00 h
Ireland Dublin Wed 13:30 h
Israel Jerusalem Wed 15:30 h
Italy Rome Wed 14:30 h
Ivory Coast Yamoussoukro Wed 12:30 h
Jamaica Kingston Wed 07:30 h
Japan Tokyo Wed 21:30 h
Jordan Amman Wed 15:30 h
Kazakhstan Nursultan Wed 18:30 h
Korea Seoul Wed 21:30 h
Kuwait Kuwait City Wed 15:30 h
Luxembourg Luxembourg Wed 14:30 h
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Wed 20:30 h
Malta Valletta Wed 14:30 h
Mexico Ciudad de Mexico Wed 07:30 h
Moldova Chisinau Wed 15:30 h
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Wed 20:30 h
Nepal Kathmandu Wed 18:15 h
Netherlands Amsterdam Wed 14:30 h
New Zealand Wellington Thu 00:30 h
Nigeria Abuja Wed 13:30 h
Norway Oslo Wed 14:30 h
Oman Muscat Wed 16:30 h
Pakistan Islamabad Wed 17:30 h
Panama Panama Wed 07:30 h
Philippines Manila Wed 20:30 h
Peru Lima Wed 07:30 h
Poland Warsaw Wed 14:30 h
Portugal Lisbon Wed 13:30 h
Puerto Rico San Juan Wed 08:30 h
Qatar Doha Wed 15:30 h
Romania Bucharest Wed 15:30 h
Russia Moscow Wed 15:30 h
Saudi Arabia Riyadh Wed 15:30 h
Singapore Singapore Wed 20:30 h
Slovakia Bratislava Wed 14:30 h
Slovenia Ljubljana Wed 14:30 h
South Africa Pretoria Wed 14:30 h
Spain Madrid Wed 14:30 h
Sri Lanka Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte Wed 18:00 h
Sudan Khartum Wed 14:30 h
Sweden Stockholm Wed 14:30 h
Switzerland Bern Wed 16:30 h
Taiwan Taipei Wed 20:30 h
Thailand Bangkok Wed 19:30 h
Turkey Ankara Wed 15:30 h
Ukraine Kyiv Wed 15:30 h
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Wed 16:30 h
United Kingdom London Wed 13:30 h
USA Washington DC Wed 08:30 h
Uruguay Montevideo Wed 09:30 h
Venezuela Caracas Wed 08:30 h
Vietnam Hanoi Wed 19:30 h
Yemen Sana Wed 15:30 h

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