The COVID-19 pandemic: Implications for the cytology laboratory

During this difficult time of this unprecedented pandemic due to the COVID19, there have been many discussions and concerns about how to handle cytological specimens and how to protect the health of our laboratory personnel and ourselves, while maintaining the best possible service to our patients and our requesting doctors.

Please see the link below to a recently published excellent article by Dr Stefan Pambuccian proposing guidelines. This summarizes the current information and understanding of COVID19, and represents only advice and is not intended as a final statement on what constitutes a very fluid and constantly changing situation.
We wish you and your families, and your cytopathology departments good health and all the best at this difficult time.
Andrew Field, on behalf of the Executive Committee of the IAC (March 30th 2020)

The COVID-19 pandemic: Implications for the cytology laboratory
Stefan E.Pambuccian, MD, MIAC
Loyola University Medical Center, Maywood IL, U.S.A.

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