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IAC Companion Meeting at 2020 USCAP

The third IAC Companion Meeting was held on Sunday, March 1st 2020

The Interventional (cyto) pathologist

The well received meeting had a very good attendance and the Academy has now received the official feedback. This can be downloaded as PDF.

Thank you to the faculty for the well constructed and informative program, thank you to all participants for your time and interest. The International Academy of Cytology is proud to be known as a Companion Society of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology.

Moderators: Dr. Robert Osamura and Dr. Fernando Schmitt

Introduction – International Academy of Cytology

IAC President, Dr. Andrew Field, FIAC, Australia

Importance of ROSE and role of cytotechnologist

Donna Russell, CMIAC, U.S.A.

Pathologist in the front line of FNA clinic

Dr. Fernando Schmitt, FIAC, Portugal

FNA under US-guidance performed by the pathologist

Dr. Britt-Marie Ljung, MIAC, U.S.A.

Role of cytopathologist in EBUS

Dr. Ryota Tanaka, MIAC, Japan

One stop-clinic

Dr. Philippe Vielh, FIAC, France

How ROSE offers solutions and benefits in Breast FNA

Dr. Andrew Field, FIAC, Australia


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