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Cologne Cytology Tutorial 2020

20-21 March 2020
University Hospital Cologne, Institute of Pathology, Lecture Hall and Microscopy Hall
Kerpener Str. 62, 50937 Cologne, Germany

Course directors: Prof. Dr. Reinhard Buettner, Dr. Marianne Engels FIAC

Main topics: Effusion cytology, cytology of head and neck lesions, lung cytology

This year for the first time in Cologne Cytology Tutorial we will organize a German-speaking and an English-speaking track. On Friday serous effusion cytology will be treated in both languages, and on Saturday lung cytology in German and cytology of head and neck lesions in English.
Microscopy workshops on these topics will be offered.
Two lectures treating "hot topics" will supplement the agenda."

PDF Flyer with further details and registration forms (D/Eng)

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