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Journal Acta Cytologica

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The first scientific journal to exclusively cover cytologic topics, ACTA CYTOLOGICA was founded in 1957 by George L. Wied, acting as the first Editor of Acta. He served in this capacity for over forty years until Marluce Bibbo joined as Co-Editor and successor. Since then ACTA CYTOLOGICA has been the official journal of the International Academy of Cytology.

Since January 2011 this high-standard, peer-reviewed journal has been published 6 times a year by the Karger Publishing House in Basel, Switzerland.

We are delighted to announce that the journal impact factor (JIF) of Acta Cytologica was finally released in June 2020, after 6 years of interruption. The new JIF of 2019 is 1.226. (Link to article Journal Impact Factor Returned to Acta Cytologica in 2020)

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The official periodical of The International Academy of Cytology. (Log-in for IAC Members)

Link to Editorial Vol. 61. "2017: Sixty years of ACTA CYTOLOGICA"

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