International Board of Cytopathology Examination

The voluntary examination is open for medical members (MIAC) of at least two years membership.

The examination consists of a written, a visual and a practical (microscopic slide) test. The examination questions are exclusively multiple choice. There are approximately 80 written questions, 80 projected image questions and 30 microscopic slides. The examination lasts approximatley six hours. The test is comprehensive and covers all body sites. (For example: Gynecologic, Urine, sputum, fluids and fine needle aspirations of multiple organs).

A microscope is provided for the examination.

Major emphasis lies on personal experience. Practice in cytopathology of all body sites on a regular basis should serve as sufficient preparation for the exam.

The examination for the International Board of Cytopathology is given approximately six to eight times each year worldwide.

Payment can be made on-line by credit card or Paypal. The fee is Euro 450

Link to payment page.

The completed application form with a passport sized photograph and other documentation can be sent as e-mail attachment to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The International Academy of Cytology
Office of the Secretary-Treasurer
Wilhelmstr. 24a - Hinterhaus
79098 Freiburg

Application Form

International Board of Cytopathology Examination Application Form (A4)

Only applicants who have been members of the IAC (MIAC) for at least two years may take the examination of the International Board of Cytopathology.

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