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2018 IAC Tutorial London, UK

3-5 December 2018

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3 - 5 December 2018
Location: The Royal College of Pathologists, 6 Alie Street, London, E1 8QT, England  

2018 London Group

The Tutorial in London attracted a very international audience to the new seat of the Royal College of Pathology. Much impressed with the new building and facilities the participants and faculty enjoyed the great atmosphere. 

Thank you all for your interest, attention and qualified questions. We wish everyone a safe journey home. 

S Ali

Tutorial Co-Chair
Dr. Syed Ali, FIAC

Professor of Pathology and Radiology. 

The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Balitmore, Maryland, USA


Tutorial Co-Chair

Dr. Ashish Chandra, MD FRCPath DipRCPath (Cytol)

Lead Consultant for Cytopathology & Urological Histopathology

Dept of Cellular Pathology St. Thomas' Hospital London


Dr. Fernando Schmitt, FIAC

Professor of Pathology, Medical Faculty, Porto University and Head of Molecular Pathology, IPATIMUP, Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal

 R Osamura

Dr. Robert Y. Osamura, FIAC

Professor and Director of Diagnostic Pathology

International University, of Health and Welfare (IUHW) Sanno Hospital, Tokyo, Japan

 j smith

Dr. John H. F. Smith, MIAC

Director at North of England Pathology & Screening Education Centre, Sheffield, England



Dr. Philippe Vielh, FIAC

Director of Cytopathology, National Laboratory of Health, Luxembourg.

Miguel Perez-Machado

Dr. Miguel Perez-Machado, MIAC

Dept. of Histopathology, Royal Free Hospital, London, UK

MONDAY, 3. December 2018  4 CPD credits
09:40 Opening remarks
Dr. Rachel Liebmann (Vice-President, RCPath)
and Dr. Paul Cross (President, BAC)
Introduction of speakers and Tutorial outline S. Ali
  Gynaecological & Non-Gynaecological Exfoliative Cytology
10:00 10:45 Lecture - HPV Primary Cervical Screening: Evidence, Implementation and Impact. J. Smith
10:45 11:30 Unknown case discussion - Gynaecological Cytology J. Smith
11:30 12:00 Coffee Break
Urine Cytology
12:00 12:45 Lecture A. Chandra
12:45 13:30 Unknown case discussion A. Chandra
13:30 14:30 Luncheon
Serous Fluid Cytology
14:30 15:15 Lecture - Serous fluids and washings A. Chandra
15:15 16:15 Lecture - Ancillary Testing in Effusions and FNA Samples F. Schmitt
16:15 Unwind with the speakers - An informal chat
TUESDAY, 4. December 2018  5 CPD Credits
 Aspiration Cytology
Lymph Node Cytology
09:00 09:45 Lecture P. Vielh
09:45 10:30 Unknown case disscusion P. Vielh
10:30 11:00 Coffee Break 
Salivary Gland Cytology
11:00 11:45 Lecture P. Vielh 
11:45 12:30 Unknown case discussion S. Ali 
12:30 13:30 Luncheon
Thyroid Cytology
13:30 14:15 Lecture S. Ali 
14:15 15:00 Unknown case discussion S. Ali 
15:00 15:15 An introduction to the IAC R. Osamura 
15:15 15:45 Coffee Break
15:45 17:00 Unknown case discussion All speakers 
17:00 Unwind with the faculty - an informal chat
WEDNESDAY, 5. December 2018 4 CPD credits
 Endoscoptic Cytology
09:00 09:45 Lecture - EBUS F. Schmitt 
09:45 10:30 Unknow case discussion - EBUS F. Schmitt
10:30 11:00 Break
Pancreas Cytology
11:00 11:45 Lecture - EUS Pancreas S. Ali 
11:45 12:30 Unknown case discussion - Pancreas S. Ali &
M. Perez-Machado
12:30 13:30 Luncheon 
13:30 14:15 Neuroendocrine Tumors R. Osamura
14:15 Unwind with the faculty - an informal chat
 Please note: Accommodation is not included - each registrant must book a hotel for themselves

Registration is organized by the Royal College of Pathologist, London.



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