Supported Medical Membership

Supported Medical Membership was introduced in 2016 to encourage membership of doctors who find the financial obligations of membership impossible to cover. 

The Executive Council will review the program every three years to assess the effectiveness. Each supported member must contact the IAC central office when requested at the beginning of each year to confirm that the terms for supported membership are still in place.

To create a definition for supported membership the IAC will use a report created for the United Nations. Applicants from Low Income Countries as defined by the "World Economic Situation and Prospects 2020"  can apply. (Tables F and G page 145 ).

Mandatory requirements are a medical degree and a completed education in a medical specialty  (e.g. pathology, gynecology, internal medicine etc.) that has been accepted in your country of residence in addition to special expertise in cytology.

Please include with your application form:

  1. Copies of medical degree and speciality diplomas
  2. Curriculum vitae with information about medical degree as well as specialist training and current employment information.
  3. One passport sized photograph (90 x 120 pixels).
  4. Sponsorship signatures of two Fellows or Members of the Academy. For a list of members please see "Active Members".  Your sponsor may send a brief e-mail to this office informing us if unable to sign form personally. If you have problems finding sponsors, please indicate on the form.
  5. Your signature on page two.

Please send the completed form and scans of accompanying documents to the office of the Secretary-Treasurer as e-mail attachment.


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