Junior Medical Membership

At the 2013 IAC Executive Meeting it was decided that the applicants for this new IAC category of  Junior Medical Member should be allowed to submit the application form without payment of the application fee. The annual dues (Jan.-Dec.) of Euro 90 will have to be paid. 

pdf_iac Junior Medical Membership Application Form 

Please include with your application form:

  1. Curriculum vitae/resumé with information about medical degree and specialist training
  2. One passport sized photograph (90 x 120 pixels).
  3. Signature of Director of specialist training program.
  4. Sponsorship signature of one Fellow or Member of the Academy . For members in your country please see "Active Members". If you have a problem finding a sponsor, please contact the central office for assistance. Your sponsor may send a brief e-mail to this office informing us if unable to sign form personally.
  5. Your signature on application statement (page 1)


All applications are submitted to the Membership Committee for approval. A ballot of new members is then presented to the Executive Council for endorsement  5 to 6 times a year. Completion of the membership process can take up to two to three months.

    If you have a question please contact this office.
    Completed application forms can be sent as PDF e-mail attachment to:

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    or by airmail to:

    The International Academy of Cytology
    Office of the Secretary-Treasurer
    Fernando Schmitt, MD, PhD, FIAC
    Wilhelmstr. 24a, Hinterhaus
    79098 Freiburg


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