Cytotechnologist Membership (CMIAC)

Membership in the International Academy of Cytology is open to all CT(IAC)s who successfully pass the comprehensive cytotechnology examination and maintain their certificate by renewing every four years.

Benefits of Cytotechnologist Membership:

CMIACs receive a printed and on-line subscription to the journal ACTA CYTOLOGICA and have access to the Newsletter of the IAC. CMIACs are not required to pay a renewal fee for each 4-year period. After three years of membership, a Cytotechnologist Member may apply for Fellowship if the necessary criteria are fulfilled.

Cytotechnologist Membership (CMIAC) Application Form

Completed application forms can be sent as email attachment to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The International Academy of Cytology
Office of the Secretary-Treasurer
Fernando Schmitt, MD, PhD, FIAC
Wilhelmstr. 24a, Hinterhaus
79098 Freiburg

Application Fee and yearly Membership Fees

Application Fee for Cytotechnologist Membership Euro 25
Annual membership fee (Jan-Dec) Euro 70
Total Euro 95

Payment can be made on-line using Credit card, Paypal or Apple-pay. Please use the link below and enter the necessary information to identify your payment and you will be directed to a secure payment portal.

Please do not forget to enter your CT(IAC) number

Link for on-line payment

Payment in Euro through bank transfer:

Please do not send a personal draft/cheque. Please cover all charges.

International Academy of Cytology
Deutsche Bank, Rotteck Ring, 79098 Freiburg, Germany
IBAN: DE8668070024021514700
Account Nr. 2151470 00

Reference: CT(IAC) number, family name, given name.

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