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How to Join


Membership in the International Academy of Cytology recognizes particular interest and expertise in the field of cytology and can be documented by using the initials of the particular membership category following the members name. Members receive on-line access and printed copies of the leading journal of cytopathology, Acta Cytologica, 6 times a year at no cost. Reduced registration rate at events organized by the IAC, e.g. the International Congress of Cytology, are available. Members may participate in the activities of the Academy by serving on the various committees of the IAC.

Membership Committee

Membership applications together with all necessary accompanying papers should be sent to the office in Freiburg, Germany. This can be as e-mail PDF attachment or by post. Receipt of your application will be acknowledged by e-mail.

Applications are reviewed and sent to the Membership Committee for approval. This can take several weeks. 

Every two months the approved applications are then presented to the Executive Council for final approval.

When approval has been given, each member is contacted by post. The membership diplomas are also sent by post a little while after the approval.

Please note that applications received in November or December will be held for new membership beginning January of the coming year.

Membership Categories

The IAC recognizes the following categories: Annual Dues Adm. Fee
Medical Membership (M.I.A.C.) Application  EURO 180 EURO 140
Medical Fellowship (F.I.A.C.) Elevation EURO 180 EURO 450
Cytotechnologist Membership (C.M.I.A.C.)Application EURO 70


Cytotechnologist Fellowship (C.F.I.A.C.) Application EURO 130 EURO 450
Professional Membership (P.M.I.A.C.) Application EURO 180 EURO 140
Junior Medical Membership Application EURO 90 EURO 0
Supported Medical Membership
Information and application

Any member may request a reduction of the annual membership dues if political or financial circumstances in their resident country indicate grave payment difficulties.


Upon retirement from the active practice of cytology all membership categories qualify for emeritus status (em). For more information, see the section on membership in the Constitution and Bylaws.

In addition, particulary meritorious individuals may receive and honorary fellowship (F.I.A.C.[hon]).


If you choose to resign your membership you may no longer use your IAC membership status after your name (MIAC, FIAC, CFIAC, CMIAC, PMIAC).


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