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The International Academy of Cytology was founded in 1957 in Brussels, Belgium during the UICC Congress, which was taking place at that time. The actual location of the Founders meeting was the Conference Hall of the Fédéracion des Societées coloniales in 34, Rue de Stassart.

A Founders Committee of 27 individuals from 19 countries accepted the suggested Constitution and By-Laws. George N. Papanicoloau was installed as Honorary President. Immediately afterwards, Acta Cytologica was established by the then appointed Editor, George L. Wied,  as official journal of the Academy. The First International Congress took place in 1961 in Vienna and every three years since.


Some of the members of the Founders Committee in Brussels, Belgium on July 13, 1957
(from left to right: HK Zinser, Germany; Guillermo Terzano, Argentina; Ruth Graham, US; George L. Wied, US; and Peter Stoll, Germany)

Selected articles of historic content published in ACTA

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