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Renewal for CT(IAC) or CT(IAC-GYN) title

Renewal for the 2022-2025 sticker can be applied for. The form for the 2021-2024 is still available below for a short time. The form for the 2022-2026 sticker will be available from October 2022.

No penalty for COVID-19 related work absences.
If you were furloughed, layed off or otherwise absent from your normal work schedule due to COVID-19 restrictions in 2020, please indicate your out-of-work dates (eg: April 1 - October 1, 2020). Your required 180 points for work status over this 4-year period will be prorated.

pdf buttonRenewal Application Form and Payment Details (2022-2025). 
(For the 2022-2025 sticker information is needed about the years 2011 2021)

  • The completed form can be sent by as e-mail attachement.  Please indicate your CT(IAC) number in the e-mail header
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • LINK to on-line payment of renewal fee of Euro 12.
  • Please complete the form with your correct postal address in order to receive your sticker. Please do not submit your postal address as one line

              address correct    address wrong

Once a cytotechnologist has earned the CT(IAC) or CT(IAC-GYN) certificate, she/he has the responsibility to maintain her/his status by continuing education in cytology.

  • Required are 180 credit points of continuing education for each 4-year period after the examination. (See Renewal Timeline)
  • Payment can also be made on-line (Link)
  • In order to send your sticker we need your correct postal address. If your address does not fit into the form please write it clearly on a separate piece of paper. Please follow this link for further information.

Documentation of continuing education is mandatory to retain the CT(IAC) or CT(IAC-GYN) title.

Please note that credits can only be given for educational activities that have taken place within each four-year period immediately prior to renewal. Should family or personal circumstances reduce your opportunities to aquire the required 180 points for one of your renewal periods please submit a short explanation with your renewal request.

Continuing Education Categories

Detailed criteria can be found on the renewal form page 5

Category 1 Employment in cytology/cytology related profession. Maximum number of credits 100. Please describe your field of work. (Full-time or Part-time is not a description of your work).
FULL-TIME EMPLOYMENT IN CYTOLOGY: Twenty-five (25) continuing education credits for each year of full-time employment.
PART-TIME EMPLOYMENT IN CYTOLOGY: Fifteen (15) continuing education credits for each year of part-time employment.
Category 2 Continuing Educational activities in the field of cytology/cytology related fields. Maximum number of credits 140. If the provided space is not sufficient please add an extra sheet with a list of your educational activities. 
Category 3 Cytology related teaching. Maximum number of credits 60
Category 4 Papers and Publications. Maximum credits 80
Category 5 Cytology related research. Maximum credits 40

 Renewal Procedure

The following renewal procedures is required for those wishing to maintain their CT(IAC), CT(IAC-Gyn) or CMIAC status.

  • You must renew your status for each renewal period
  • If you are due for renewal the IAC Central Office will send a postcard reminder at the end of the year.
  • The renewal form can be downloaded here (2020-2023) (2021-2024) (2022-2025) (For the 2022-2025 sticker information about the years 2018-2021 is needed.

    The completed form should be sent as e-mail attachment to the IAC office in Freiburg, Germany. It is not recommend to send your papers by airmail as the current Covid restrictions can delay delivery.
    The deadline for receipt of the completed form is indicated on the reminder notice or taken from the chart below.
Current sticker on certificate Next sticker due in 4-year cycle Date for renewal Required
2015 - 2018 2019 - 2022 September - December 2018 2015 - 2018
2016 - 2019 2020 - 2023 October - December 2019 2016 - 2019
2017 - 2020 2021 - 2024 October - December 2020 2017 - 2020
2018 - 2021 2022 - 2025 October - December 2021 2018 - 2021
  • If you have missed one renewal period and are still working as a cytotechnologist you may renew by completing the renewal form(s).
  • If you have missed two renewal periods and have been employed as a cytotechnologist during the lapsed periods you will be required to resit the Comprehensive Cytotechnology Examination.
  • If you have left the field of cytotechnology and wish to renew your status as a CT(IAC) or CMIAC you will be required to resit the Comprehensive Cytotechnology Examination.
  • If you wish to resit the examination and lack the mandatory three years of continous employment as a cytotechnologist prior to sitting the examination. Each application will be evaluated on an individual basis.
  • Renewal Fee

    • CT(IAC) and CT(IAC-GYN) Euro 12
    • IAC Members (CMIAC) - NO FEE

    Payment can now be made on-line. Please use this link.

    Note for payments from the United States. The Academy no longer has an office in America and is unable to deposit drafts or checks drawn on a United States bank without payment of a bank fee that is higher than USD 15. Please use the options of on-line.  Thank you.

    Change of name or address

    Please notify the Office of the Registrar of any change of name or address.

    Do we have your address correctly on file?

    To ensure that you receive your sticker it is important that we have your correct postal address. This can be a private residential address or your work address. 

    If your address does not fit the IAC form please write it clearly on a separate piece of paper.

    • The IAC has seven lines available for addresses.
    • The first line is always your name and the last line is always the country even if your address only has four lines.
    • Each line can not have more than 40 letters/spaces and reads from left to right.
    • An address should never be in one long line.  
    • If you can not fit your address in the space provided on the form please include your address on a separate sheet of paper. 

    Many countries including most of Europe have automated postal services that require addresses to be structured from smallest to largest.

    1. The first line is for your name (smallest)
    2. The next line could be a department or your street and house number (next biggest)
    3. The next line may be the institute/hospital (next biggest)
    4. The next line may be for the umbrella organisation/university (next biggest)
    5. The next line may be for the town/city maybe with postal code (next biggest)
    6. The next line may be for a state perhaps with postal code (next biggest)
    7. The last line is the country you live in. (biggest)

    Link to change of address form

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