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Do we have your correct postal address?

The IAC files everyone first by family name then given name. We also provide each member with an IAC identification number and each registered CT(IAC) with a CT number.

To ensure that you receive your journal and other correspondence it is important that we have your correct postal address.

If you can not fit your address in the space provided on the form please include your postal address on a separate sheet of paper or inform us by e-mail.

This can be a private residential address or your work address but not a mixture of both.

  • The IAC have seven lines available for addresses.
  • Each line can not have more that 40 letters/spaces and reads from left to right.
  • The first line is always your name and the last line is always the country even if your address only has four lines.
  • An address should never be in one long line.  
  • Telephone, e-mail or fax addresses are not part of the postal address and will not be written on envelopes.

Many countries have automated postal services that require addresses to be structured from smallest to largest.  This is the case for mail to and from Europe.

  1. The first line is for your name (smallest)
  2. The next line could be a department or your street and house number 
  3. The next line may be the institute/hospital 
  4. The next line may be for the umbrella organisation/university 
  5. The next line may be for the town/city maybe with postal code 
  6. The next line may be for a state perhaps with postal code 
  7. The last line is the country you live in. (biggest)

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