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Affiliated Societies

The International Academy of Cytology (IAC) serves as an umbrella organization for over 52 national societies of cytology worldwide.

Members of affiliated societies may obtain ACTA CYTOLOGICA at a reduced rate, participate in the literature service of the academy and receive pertinent information about the international meetings of the IAC.

A national editor has been appointed by each national society to serve as a liaison officer between the editor of ACTA and the respective society. Forward information to be published in ACTA to the editorial office through the national editor.

The affiliated societies are listed in alphabetical order. Click on the specific society to obtain further information about each society.

National Societies

The European Federation of Cytology Societies

SLAC Sociedad Latinoamericana de Citopatologia

African Society of Cytology - West African

African Society of Cytology - East African

Argentinian Society of Cytology

Australian Society of Cytology

Austrian Society for Applied Cytology

Belgian Society of Clinical Cytology

Bolivian Society of Cytology

Brazilian Society of Cytopathology

British Association for Cytopathology

Canadian Society of Cytopathology/Société canadienne de cytopathologie

Chilean Society of Cytology

Chinese Cytology Association is a sub-division of Chinese Society of Cytopathology.

Colombian Association of Pathology, Section of Cytopathology, ASOCOLPAT

Croatian Society for Clinical Cytology

Czech Society for Clinical Cytology

Danish Society of Pathological Anatomy and Cytology

Finnish Society of Clinical Cytology

French Society of Clinical Cytology

German Society for Cytology (DGZ)

Hellenic Society of Clinical Cytology

Hong Kong Society of Cytology

Indian Academy of Cytologists

Iranian Society of Clinical Cytology

Israel Society of Cytology

Italian Society of Cytology (SICi)

Italian Society of Anatomic Pathology and Diagnostic Cytopathology

Japanese Society of Clinical Cytology

Kazakhstan Association of Clinical Cytology

Korean Society for Cytopathology

Latin-American Cytology Society (SLAC)

Hungarian Oncologic Society - Cytodiagnostic Section

Malaysian Society of Cytology

Mexican Academy of Cytopathology

New Zealand Society of Cytology

Norwegian Society for Clinical Cytology

Paraguayen Society of Cytology - Sociedad Paraguaya de Patologicía y Citología

Peruvian Society of  Cytology

Polish Society of Pathology -Section of Clinical Cytology

Portuguese Society of Cytology

Romanian Society of Cytology

Russian Association of Clinical Cytology

Singapore Society of Cytology

Slovak Society of Clinical Cytology

Slovenian Society of Clinical Cytology

South African Society of Clinical Cytology

Spanish Society of Cytology

Swiss Society for Cytology

Swedish Society for Clinical Cytology

Taiwan Society of Clinical Cytology

Turkish Society of Cytology

Uruguayan Society for Cytology

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