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Membership vote for Executive Slate 2019

The Nominations Committee of the IAC has proposed a slate of Executive Members for the 2019-2022 period.

More information about each of the proposed members can be viewed here.

President Andrew Field (Australia) (elected)
Fernando Schmitt (Portugal)
Past-President Robert Y. Osamura (Japan
Vice-President Syed. Z. Ali (USA

Ashish Chandra (UK)

Editor Kari J. Syrjänen (Finland)
Council Member Daisuke Aoki, (Japan)
Council Member Lan Chen (China)
Council Member Pamela Michelow (South Africa)
Council Member Ritu Nayar (USA)
Council Member Esperanza Eeuzaba Torres (Colombia)
Cytotechnologist Member Shirley Greening (USA)
  • You may vote by mail using the ballot that was sent to you together with the 2019 annual dues invoice


  • you may vote at the Members Area of the IAC website using the username and password on the ballot sheet. However, if you have changed the original settings and can no longer remember the codes please use the options "Forgot your password?" and "Forgot your username?"

If you use this link to place your vote please do not return the paper copy to the Office of the Secretary. Further to voting form

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