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The 2016 Kazumasa Masubuchi Life-Time Achievement in Clinical Cytology Award

Kazumasa Masubuchi, MD, FIAC (hon) (1912 - 1992)

km_medal2was a gynecologic oncologist and fundamental to introducing and fostering cytology in Japan. Always a great supporter of teaching cytology and of international exchange he was proposed as the first Honorary Member of the IAC by Dr. Papanicolaou in 1957. He was recipient of the Goldblatt Award in 1977. The Award is given every third year, recipients receive a medal and an honorarium which is funded by the interest of $20,000, donated by the family of Dr. Masubuchi.


The Kazumasa Masubuchi Life-Time Achievement in Clinical Cytology Award 2016
Toshihko Hasegawa, MD, MIAC, Japan 
For his support of the long standing and special relationship between the Japanese Society of Clinical Cytology and the International Academy of Cytology; for his lifelong achievements in research, teaching and practice of clinical cytology; for his work as a kind and thoughtful physician supporting patients, colleagues and the scientific community alike. 

2016 Kazumasa Masabuchi Award

The award was presented to Prof. Hasegawa  (r) by the IAC Secretary-Treasurer  Prof. Fernando Schmitt (l) at the 19th International Congress of Cytology, Yokohama, Japan, May 2016

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