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The 2016 George L. Wied Award

George L. Wied, MD, FIAC (1922-2004) glw_medal2was a great force within the IAC. He was among the founders of the IAC 1957 in Brussels and served on the Executive Council for 47 years. He was Editor of Acta Cytologica for many years. With inspiration and wisdom he supported, guided and influenced many generations of cytopathologists. As a great organizer he was instrumental in the development and advancement of tutorials, of teaching aids and congresses. His research laid the foundation for automation in cytology. The Award consists of a gold medal and a honorarium, financed through the donation of $20,000 by Dr. and Mrs. Wied.

The George L. Wied Life-Time Achievement in Cytologic Research Award 2016:
Louis Thienpont, MD, MIAC(em), Belgium
For his dedication to and love of all aspects of clinical cytology for several decades; for serving the Belgian, European and International cytologic community in multiple functions; for his dependable and steady support in incorporating the International Academy according to Belgian law, thus legalizing the status of the International Academy of Cytology as a not-for-profit organization. 2016 G L Wied Award

The award was presented to Dr. Thienpont (r) by Dr. Fernando Schmitt (l), Secretary-Treasurer of the IAC at the 19th International Congress of Cytology, Yokohama, Japan May 2016. 

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