USCAP Annual Meeting 2018

107th Annual Meeting - Geared to Learn
March 17-23, 2018, Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, Canada

IAC Companion Meeting on Sunday, 18. March 2018 (1:30-5:00 PM)

The IAC are honoured to invite you to a companion meeting afternoon. Nomenclatures in Cytology: How better to communicate our results

USCAP Course Description:
Experience the machinery of engagement at the 107th USCAP Annual Meeting at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, Canada. The pervasive energy, spirit, and attitude will invigorateall those who attend. Get exposed to contemporary information and translational research in a panorama of subspecialty hot topics. Social networking, social media, and charismatic experiences provided balance and stimulated new memories of a cherished, evolving organization.

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