S Ali

Tutorial Co-Chair
Dr. Syed Ali, FIAC

Professor of Pathology and Radiology. 

The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Balitmore, Maryland, USA


Tutorial Co-Chair

Dr. Fernando Schmitt, FIAC

Professor of Pathology, Medical Faculty, Porto University and Head of Molecular Pathology, IPATIMUP, Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal

 A Chandra

Dr. Ashish Chandra, MD FRCPath

DipRCPath (Cytol) Lead Consultant for Cytopathology & Urological Histopathology Dept of Cellular Pathology St. Thomas' Hospital London


 R Osamura

Dr. Robert Y. Osamura, FIAC

Professor and Director of Diagnostic Pathology

International University, of Health and Welfare (IUHW) Sanno Hospital, Tokyo, Japan

 j smith

Dr. John H. F. Smith, MIAC

Director at North of England Pathology & Screening Education Centre, Sheffield, England



Dr. Philippe Vielh, FIAC

Director of Cytopathology, National Laboratory of Health, Luxembourg.

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