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Emeritus and Honorary Members

Emeritus Member
In accordance with the IAC Constitution; Fellows and Members of the International Academy of Cytology may become emeriti at the time of  their retirement from the active practice of cytology.  Emeritus members may use the letters "(em)" following the abbreviation of the membership category - i.e., F.I.A.C.(em), M.I.A.C.(em), P.M.I.A.C.(em), C.F.I.A.C.(em) and C.M.I.A.C.(em).  Emeritus members are exempt from the payment of dues and do not receive ACTA CYTOLOGICA but may continue to access the IAC Newsletter to retain contact with the Academy.

Retiring members who wish to become emeritus should contact the Office of the Secretary.

Honorary Fellows are distinguished scientists of international reputation who have shown great interest in the development of cytology. They are invited by the Executive Council for Honorary Fellowship and may use the abbreviation F.I.A.C.(hon) following their names.

Katherine Cordatos, CFIAC(em) Australia 
Rena C. Levy, CMIAC(em) USA 
Heinz Sander, MD, MIAC(em) Germany
Ibrahim Ramzy, MD, MIAC(em) U.S.A.
Catherine M. Keebler, Sc.D.(hon), CFIAC(hon) U.S.A.
Barbara Börner, CMIAC(em) Germany
Guadalupe Piñeiro Warren, CMIAC(em) USA
Gerhard Breitenecker, FIAC(em) Austria
Ann M. Steele, PMIAC(em) USA
Roberta M. Goodell, CFIAC(em) USA
Denise Barbose dos Santos, FIAC(em) Brazil
William J. Frable, FIAC(em) USA
Frederick F. Seid, CFIAC(em) USA
Kazumi Kabumoto, CMIAC(em) Japan
Howard Zirkin, MIAC(em) Israel
Jerry Waisman, MIAC(em) U.S.A
Carol A. Craft, CMIAC(em) U.S.A
Lorraine Taillon Gray, CMIAC(em) U.S.A
Noboru Tanaka, FIAC(em) Japan
Stephanie Ablondi, CFIAC(em) U.S.A
Louis Thienpoint, MIAC(em) Belgium
Joao Carlos Prolla, FIAC(em) Brazil
Tae Sik Yook, MIAC(em) U.S.A
Rodrigo Prado, FIAC(em) Chile
Alexander Meisels, FIAC(hon) Canada


























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